Believe it or not, there are other ways to earn frequent miles besides flying. Perhaps the most popular method is by using airline credit cards. These credit cards will generally earn you a specified number of miles for every dollar spent. Here are some things to watch out for when looking into credit cards for earning frequent flyer miles:

  • Compare the number of miles earned per dollar spent.
  • Compare the annual fees. There are many credit cards without any annual fees, however the ones with annual fees will sometimes earn you more miles per dollar spent.
  • Confirm what kinds of purchases earn miles. Do all purchases earn miles, or is there a limit on the types of purchases that will earn you miles?
  • Some cards will allow you to fly on any airline, others are specific to a single airline or set of airlines. Be sure that your card works with the airlines that you will be flying with.
  • Confirm that the card that you choose doesn’t have a limit on the number of miles you earn.
  • Make sure that your miles won’t expire.
  • Check for the restrictions and blackout dates. There’s no sense in accumulating frequent flyer miles, if you can’t use them when you want to fly.